Spending 100 days at school is an exciting time for the little ones! At NLIS, we decided to celebrate this day to signify it as their 100 days of getting smarter. The day had a lot of symbolic representation attached to it. The students made their 100 days smarter crowns. The smiles on their face was a sign of their happiness and feeling pride of celebrating this special day.

The class was introduced to the new place value of 100 and got a chance to work with hundreds chart. They further looked at the numbers greater than and less than 100. The day was altogether a great memory for these students while they also worked on their estimation skills. They used pom-poms, marbles and paper clips to estimate if the given amount was less than or more than 100.

The 100th day marked a special opportunity to reflect upon and celebrate major milestones in the students’ academic achievement.