Our students, Nicka Azadehdel and Dilhumar Abuduryim are winners of 2017 Haiku Contest.
Originating from Japan, Haiku is the shortest form of poetry in the world. In a short descriptive verse, it captures a moment in the poet’s life, or simply expresses the beauty of nature. Haiku is now enjoyed in many countries around the world.
JAL FOUNDATION biennially organize ‘World Children’s Haiku Contest’, and we are happy to announce that our students, Nicka Azadehdel and Dilhumar Abuduryim won this years Jal Grand and Jal Prize in Norway and they received their certificates.
Through the contest, children are given the opportunity to compose haiku that will encompass their memories.
The experience of composing haiku will also become a part of their pleasant memories of their childhood.
All Grand-prize haiku will be collected and published next year as an anthology titled ‘Haiku By World Children’