Our mission is to provide a high quality education, bringing up inquisitive and knowledgeable, productive learners who are motivated to succeed.

In addition, we aim to nurture internationally minded compassionate young people with intercultural understanding and respect who strive to create a better and more peaceful world.

The objective is to provide the students with the academic and social skills that will help them reach their full potential, enabling them to be open-minded individuals who are able to think critically, and are encouraged to challenge norms and tackle change.  


Our vision is to inspire young minds for life long learning and set them on the path of success for their future in a peaceful world.


Tolerant and understanding students;
Students and teachers are mindful of the needs and rights of others;
Our school community is open-minded and inclusive.

Being responsible in all our words and actions;
Taking care of the environment;
Being reliable.

Including and appreciating everyone;
Staff members are respectful and considerate;
Being supportive of each other.

All students strive to do their best;
the teaching staff offers a high quality education;
our school community supports the staff members and the students.