NLIS Activity Club will be a social after school activity for students. The fundamental purpose of the NLIS Activity Club is to provide a broad range of activities to aid and promote the personal growth and development of our students thus to contribute to a better psychosocial environment. Students will learn respect, cooperation, care and challenge through the club activities. This will be done by gathering students together in a less academically environment, where collaboration and socialization will be promoted.

The program will initially start with students from PYP5 and PYP6.
Place: PYP6 classroom
Time and date: Thursdays between 15.00 and 17.00.

Sign up:
To sign up  your child, please go to the application form:


Students must sign up latest one week before the activity starts, in order to be able to join.
Students must attend all the scheduled activities after registration.
For some of the activities will students be asked to bring certain items/materials. These will be announced before each activity.

Please Note

 NLIS Policy:

  1. The sign up period for each season and each activity will be announced in advance.  It is important that you sign up your child during this period.
  2. Your child’s Activity Schedule (including Activities, Activity Locations, Instructors Name) will be listed on the AC pages.
  3. Despite our best efforts, the match between activities and children does not always work out. If your child needs to withdraw from an activity, please contact the school administration.


  1. All students/participants are expected to follow the NLIS school rules, code of conduct and classroom covenant while participating in the AC.
  2. Parents must make specific transportation arrangements for their children after the AC is finished. No instructor will be responsible for students after the activity is finished
  3. Students who are disruptive to the learning situation, physically violent, verbally offensive may be asked to leave the activity.

Please contact Mr. Gunaydin by email ( for questions about the club.

Activity Calendar:

Date Activity
12.01.2017 Game Development
19.01.2017 Game Development
26.01.2017 Game Development
02.02.2017 Game Development
09.02.2017 Board/Mind Games
16.02.2017 Board/Mind Games
02.03.2017 Board/Mind Games
09.03.2017 Movie Making
16.03.2017 Movie Making
23.03.2017 Movie Making
30.03.2017 Movie Making
06.04.2017 Movie Making
20.04.2017 Stop Motion
27.04.2017 Stop Motion
04.05.2017 Stop Motion
11.05.2017 Stop Motion
18.05.2017 Stop Motion