Dear Prospective Parents and Students

A warm welcome from Northern Lights International School,
Your visit is part of a very important decision-making process about your child’s future
education in Oslo. Finding the right school is one of the major challenges for families where
many factors come into play in determining the most suitable ‘fit’ between the family and the

You will ensure yourselves that NLIS with its staff, program, environment, building, and
facilities is a well-organized, modern, warm, and welcoming center of educational excellence.
NLIS offers you exciting opportunities at every grade level where the best teachers,
administrators and staff members with enthusiasm and idealism are all focused on helping
children learn, develop, grow and succeed.

Our mission is to support our pupils in realizing their potential across a broad curriculum through
good learning habits and improvement of self-discipline, courtesy and consideration for others.
Our institution aims to bring up well rounded and confident individuals who will be well
prepared for the next stage of their education and for their role in this demanding, rapidly
changing and challenging world.

To sum up, the key advantage of the school is its being an IB school which is a globally accepted
and functioning program. Moreover, its staff and teachers being rigorous, enthusiastic and
dynamic is another plus. In addition, the building of our institution is in a nice and developing
area designed suitably for various recreational activities within the curriculum and else.
Therefore, come and visit us on place to better sense of what we stand for and what we can offer
to your child and family.

Finally, who should primarily prefer to apply to NLIS?

  • Excited first time enrolling parents.
  • Parents who are looking for an international school that can be found in all continents when/in case they move to another country.
  • Parents who want their child to be educated in a multicultural and international environment.
  • Parents who would prefer their child to be taught in English .
  • Parents who are not satisfied from the education, school or the environment they are in and want to try something else, etc.

Consequently, hope to see you in our family.

Looking forward to seeing you.


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