A couple of months ago, the students of PYP 4 had put a student store as a part of their unit on economy. They had been exploring about the role of supply and demand, distribution of goods and services and further had been learning about their responsibility as consumers. The students earned a profit of approximately 2000 NOK from this shop.
As an act of kindness, these students decided to contribute this money for a good cause. They donated this money to the child cancer society (barnekreftforeningen).
Children Cancer Society is a voluntary, nationwide organization run by parents who have or have had children with cancer. Children Cancer Society has its secretariat in Oslo and consists of 14 county associations. These associations have their own independent boards that are working voluntarily for the families.
Anna Starberg from this society visited NLIS yesterday for a presentation of their for children suffering from cancer. It was a pride moment for PYP 4 students to contribute their earning for a good cause and help the children in need.