Researchers have evidence for the positive effects of parent involvement on children and school. Continous exchnage between schools and parents encourages the learning and development among children. NLIS conducted its first sucessful Parent Information session for the year 2017-18. It was interesting to see parents trying to learn from childrens’ perspective, making their own essential agreements, doing pre assessments and trying to explore essentials of a PYP classroom .
Parents were seen involved in knowing about the PYP terminology with full zeal and enthusiasm. We also reflected on how parents play an important role in acheiving the mission of the school. Parents are an important part of the schol community and they are a big support to achieve the mission of the school.

NLIS has many upcoming sessions on PYP and MYP in its upcoming months of the school year. It would be interesting to see NLIS having a strong parent community who is ready to join hands for the holistic development of our students.


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