Some of the grades decided to have “Julebord”- “Christmas dinner” for the parents and students in the school this year. Julebord is a Scandavian feast or banquet in the days before Christmas in December and partly November where there is served traditional Christmas food and beverages, often in the form of a buffet.

We had a similar tradition with students and parents of MYP 1 class. As a part of the food and health lessons, students cooked food from different cultures. They decided the menu to make sure that they have snacks, salad, main course and desserts for the dinner. It was interesting to see students brainstorming different ideas and finally coming up with a final plan of their own.  This involved students to search for a recipe of the food they wanted to cook and buy ingredients for the same.

The cooking process involved students either cooking on their own or opt for peer or teacher’s help wherever needed. Finally it was a great set up for the parents to have a memorable Christmas dinner. It was also interesting to see parents involving themselves in their child’s learning process, meet and interact with other parents and have a relaxing evening after work.