Absence form

Rules for leave of absence from school for students:

The school requires a note from the parents if a student is absent due to illness. If the absence is longer than 3 days, a note from the student’s physician is required.

Other type of absences must be requested by the school and approved by the principal. The principal is the decision-maker and has the authority to permit or deny the application for leave of absence. The Education Act does not specify the qualifying criteria for assessing applications for leave of absence, it is written that the school can grant absence when the leave is considered to be appropriate. During the evaluation of an application, the principal may consult with the teacher(s) in order to decide if the leave is appropriate. The decision is made by looking at different factors, some of them are:

  • The amount of absence the student has.
  • Status of the student’s education.
  • The student’s/family’s personal situation.
  • The date/period of the leave.

Neither the principal, the Education Administration nor the County Governor may grant a student a leave of absence for more than two weeks (10 continuous school days), as no exemptions from this rule have been authorized in the Education Act.

Parents have the right to appeal the decision of the school Principal.

The principal must reject all applications for a leave of absence for more than two weeks. The principal may grant a leave of absence for two weeks of the period of time applied for and reject the remaining time. In such cases the parents/guardians must then confirm whether or not they want to sustain their application for leave and which two-week period of the time applied for they would prefer. The principal may also grant leave in connection to a school holiday given that the student’s absence does not exceed ten school days.

Relevant Laws:

  • 2-11 of The Education Act (Opplæringsloven) states:

Leave of absence from compulsory education”

When defensible, the municipality (the Principal) may upon receipt of an application grant individual pupils leave of absence for up to two weeks.

Pupils who belong to a religious community outside the Church of Norway have, upon application, the right to be absent from school on those days their religious community celebrates as holy. This right is conditional upon the parents ensuring necessary tuition during the period of leave, so that the pupil is able to keep pace with the ordinary teaching when the period of leave is at an end.

  • 3-13 of The Private School Act (Privatskoleloven) states:

“When appropriate, the school can grant the student a leave of absence for up to two weeks. Decisions are made based on “Forvaltningsloven” and are given as Single Rights Decisions (enkeltvedtak) according § 2. Complaints must be forwarded to the Department of Education.”

  • 2-1 of the Education Act:Rights and obligations for primary school education states in the fifth paragraphs:

“If a pupil is absent from compulsory teaching without having the right to do so, his or her parents or those who are in loco parentis may be liable to fines if the absence is a result of deliberate or negligent actions on their part. Public prosecution is not instituted unless so decided by the municipality.”


If you wish to get permission from the school during term time you must:
• apply to the Principal in writing as far in advance as possible for leaves;
• ensure that your child completes work set by his/her teachers during the absence;
• note that the Principal reserves the right to refuse the application;

A leave will not be granted:

  • During the preparation of tests, national tests and assessments.

  • On the day of tests, national test and exams.

A leave is generally not granted for vacation, training camps or when a student already has an unauthorized leave.

A leave might be granted: 

  • Special celebrations or events (family, political)

  • Participation in competitive events at a high level (sport, cultural)

A leave will be granted:

  • Students, who are member of a different religious community other than the Norwegian Church, are entitled to a leave during their religious holiday if they apply for it.

If parents chose to leave, either without having applied, or without having been granted permission, the student will get unauthorised absence for the period the student is absent from school. If parents/guardians want to take their child out of school for more than 10 school days, the parents/guardians will become responsible for their child’s education.  The school might then also decide to remove the student from the school roll and parents will need to re-apply for a place at NLIS