Recently our first graders have been working on their unit on “How we express ourselves” and have been exploring how play can be used to express their feelings and ideas and how it leads to new understanding. The intention was to take them through the path whereby they can explore communication through play, use their imagination while using the play material and develop a perspective about role of toys in play.

The youngest age group during their inquiry process developed their play centres based on the play material and had a chance to explore them. The goal was to let them manage to collaborate with one another and engage themselves in a self directed inquiry.

It is very important for the students to have regular opportunities to engage in tactile and sensory experiences. These engagements not only help them with deeper understanding however, also help to work on their social skills whereby they form a positive relationship with their peers and engage in self directed conversations. It also helps them to self regulate and support each other in case of any disagreements. This was very evident while these little ones were writing their observations of these play centres. It makes students conscious of their own actions. At NLIS, we believe in making each student capable, confident and an independent learner.