Today PYP 5 students collaboratively helped the music teacher, Mrs. Hopgood to redesign the music classroom.  Each student came up with their own layout and drew it on the board. Thereafter, each student was given another students’ layout to critique (politely).  This gave students an opportunity to respect and appreciate each other’s perspective. Finally the class came to a conclusion that the u-shape arrangement will work best for everyone in the classroom.

Let us see how is redesigning an advantage in a classroom:

  1. Such an engagement makes students involved and feel responsible for their own classroom. Students are the primary users in every classroom. Thus, they should have this privilege and be a source of inspiration for each other.
  2. It gives them the opportunity to research and brainstorm. Students need not be the designer however, all they need is the ability to research and brainstorm. Thus defining the right need and asking the right step becomes the fist question.
  3. It also creates the opportunity to remove all the unnecessary things from the classroom and gives students a sense of organisation.
  4. Further, it gives purpose to everything that is present in the room. This is because students get the opportunity to look at them from a new perspective.
  5. And the biggest advantage is that it gives students ownership of their own classroom and learning as a process.